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SRD spells that this feat works on are:

Bard: [0] detect magic, [1] detect secret doors, [2] detect thoughts, silence, [3] invisibility sphere, [4] detect scrying, zone of silence.

Cleric: [0] detect magic, [1] deathwatch, detect chaos/evil/good/law, detect undead, [2] silence, [3] invisibility purge, magic circle against chaos/good/evil/law, [4] repel vermin, [6] antilife shell, [7] repulsion, [8] antimagic field.

Druid: [0] detect magic, [1] detect animals or plants, detect snares and pits, [2] gust of wind, [4] antiplant shell, repel vermin, [6] antilife shell.

Sorcerer/Wizard: [0] detect magic, [1] detect secret doors, detect undead, [2] detect thoughts, gust of wind, [3] magic circle against chaos/evil/good/law, invisibility sphere, [4] detect scrying, [6] antimagic field.

Other sourcebooks have many more, such as airy water from Stormwrack and cloak of bravery from Spell Compendium. Note that many good spells that seem like emanations, such as true seeing, are actually personal effects. Not even all emanations are fair game, since some are anchored to a point in space and don't follow the caster.

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