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If you look in the Draconomicon page 105 you will find that Knowledge nature requirement is only 15 ranks and wisdom of 19. Also of worthy note, this excludes spell or spell like abilities in the official description. The absolute lowest level that a druid if you go strictly by ranks assigned would be level 12. You you count Int bonus and racial Int Bonuses you could potentially take this feat at level 9 with an Int of 18(+4). As a druid though, why waste a feat on this when at level 17 you get shapechange which allows you to go up to colossal in size so you could be any dragon you have ever seen at any age(not the specific dragon, but the type and age). Once you have the spell, the feat seems to become a lost feat you could have used for something more valuable like natural spell, still spell, silent spell, or eschew materials, liberating you to cast spells at will even if even if captured in a wild shape, bound and gagged?

Don't get me wrong if you are multi-classing and you have extra feats to spare this would be a great booster, but then you have to be tailoring you characters development for both your multi-classes and your desire to use this feat. Trade offs, give a little to get a little. (Honorlord (talk) 19:05, 18 February 2014 (MST))

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