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does the bonus for quadrupeds also aplly to creatures like scorpions that have more than 4 legs. Zau 18:00, 12 April 2008 (MDT)

I would judge "maybe". Upright creatures carry weight on their skeletal frames. This enables most quadrupeds to bear large weight. Low creatures, like scorpions, carry weight on their muscles. They can not carry very much. So, if the creature has an good frame, then yes it would. If the creature is splayed, then it should not.
Or just say "yes" if you want to keep the rule simple.--Dmilewski 18:50, 12 April 2008 (MDT)

The description of tremendous strength was not completely clear to me. For example, if your STR was 24, you'd have 233lbs, 466lbs, and 700lbs for light, medium, and heavy. If your STR was 34, would they be 932lbs, 1864lbs, and 2800lbs?

Carrying Capacity formula for Google Doc Spredsheet[edit]

Ok so I found NO ONE seems to have this answer so I figured out the problem. I wanted a formula to represent carrying capacity rather than having to work with charts in excel. For further referencing we will call this new score Character Carrying Capacity or (CCC)

x is the ability score. So say you put your character ability score is A1, replace x with A1 for the google doc. =IF(x<11,x*10,100*2^((x-10)*.2))

Now for medium and light loads.

Medium loads will be (Round up)=(CCC)(2/3) =(CCC)*(2/3)

Light loads will be (Round up)=(CCC)(1/3) =(CCC)*(1/3)

In summery, it asks if x is less than 11. If so the score will be multiplied by 10. If not it follows the following formula.

(100)(2)^((x-10)(.2)) This was when the ability score was above 10. 100 is the starting value (ten times ten) then order of operations it was x-10 to get a ground zero value of the ability score. Then multiply that by 1/5 (Since it doubles every 5 steps). And there you have it! A simple chartless formula for carrying capacity for a medium bipedal.

Remember to factor the size modifier and if the character has more legs. I am working on the formula to automatically factor size and quadrupeds. And to auto populate other areas with current exuberance modifiers. Should be quick and easy though. Time to deal with RL. Good luck!

Also my chart is currently located here. Feel free to look at it and use it. I would appreciate any credit. It is still a work in progress but meant to be clean and flexible. I loved Hero Forge but it was a bit ridiculous to run.

I hope this helps. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by CZLumenarcus (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts.

Thank you, CZLumenarcus. Your formula adjusts to the "official" values to a 2% tolerance, which is very fine. However, if any other kind soul stumbles upon this, there is a simpler to calculate it. Official values for STR of 11-14 should be ignored as aberrations. Just use the 10 lb/point of STR until STR 10, and the "+5 = x2" rule (instead of the "+10 = x4" mentioned on the manual), from STR 11 onwards ("+10 = x4" works from STR 15 onwards). The values are correct up to a 7% tolerance, and can be used in a physical/printed table because they preserve the +5/+10 = x2/x4 rule, which your formula does not.
A different quibble: the correct values for Light and Medium loads are rounded down, not up. 07:17, 1 February 2015 (MST)
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