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Changes From the Original SRD[edit]

Added (from Abilities and Conditions):

  • "A creature attacking with a breath weapon is actually expelling something from its mouth (rather than conjuring it by means of a spell or some other magical effect). "
  • " Most creatures with breath weapons are limited to a number of uses per day or by a minimum length of time that must pass between uses. Such creatures are usually smart enough to save their breath weapon until they really need it."
  • "Using a breath weapon is typically a standard action.
  • "No attack roll is necessary. The breath simply fills its stated area.
  • "Any character caught in the area must make the appropriate saving throw or suffer the breath weapon’s full effect. In many cases, a character who succeeds on his saving throw still takes half damage or some other reduced effect.
  • "Breath weapons are supernatural abilities except where noted.
  • "Creatures are immune to their own breath weapons unless otherwise noted.
  • "Creatures unable to breathe can still use breath weapons. (The term is something of a misnomer.)"


  • "A creature is immune to its own breath weapon unless otherwise noted. "
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