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Suggested Addition[edit]

SRD:Invisibility states: "A creature with blindsight can attack (and otherwise interact with) creatures regardless of invisibility." Blindsight should mention it to ease the number of cross referencing lookups needed.

Changes From the Original SRD[edit]

Combined Blindsight and Blindsense sections


Added (from Abilities and Conditions):

  • "Blindsight never allows a creature to distinguish color or visual contrast. A creature cannot read with blindsight.
  • "Blindsight does not subject a creature to gaze attacks (even though darkvision does).
  • "Blinding attacks do not penalize creatures using blindsight.
  • "Deafening attacks thwart blindsight if it relies on hearing.
  • "Blindsight works underwater but not in a vacuum.
  • "Blindsight negates displacement and blur effects."


  • "This ability is similar to blindsense, but is far more discerning."


Added (from Abilities and Conditions):

  • "Blindsense is a lesser ability that lets the creature notice things it cannot see, but without the precision of blindsight, "
  • " (50% miss chance)"


  • ", a creature with blindsense notices things it cannot see"
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