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Bulwark of the Great Dragon

This +6 heavy shield bears the image of a dragon’s head. Three times per day, the bearer of the shield can command it to belch forth a breath weapon of the appropriate type. The range of this breath weapon is 80 feet (if a line) or 40 feet (if a cone). Regardless of the type, the breath weapon deals 20d6 points of damage. In addition, the shield provides the bearer with resistance 50 to the energy type that matches its breath weapon. To determine what type of dragon shield is found, roll d% and consult the following table:

d% Color Breath
01–10 Black Line of acid
11–20 Blue Line of lightning
21–30 Brass Line of fire
31–40 Bronze Line of lightning
41–50 Copper Line of acid
51–60 Gold Cone of fire
61–70 Green Cone of corrosive (acid) gas
71–80 Red Cone of fire
81–90 Silver Cone of cold
91–100 White Cone of cold

Caster Level: 20th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Epic Magic Arms and Armor, protection from energy; Market Price: 1,612,970 gp; Cost to Create: 806,570 gp + 26,128 XP.

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