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The SLAGDRAM (Spring-Loaded Automatic Gnomish Dagger-Release Arm Mechanism) is a small, easily concealable device made for those who want to quickly draw a concealed dagger. The mechanism can hold up to 6 average daggers made for a medium sized creature, but otherwise appear as regular bracers (and are worn as such). The daggers spring into the hand of the wearer with a specific wrist movement.


250 gold (daggers not included)


The Device conceals the daggers from ordinary sight; a DC 10 Search check is necessary to discover them. Grants Quick Draw to the user for daggers contained within the SLAGDRAM. If the wearer already has the Quick Draw feat, the bracers confer a +1 to hit (or +2 if combined with a feint attack) in the first round in which a dagger is drawn from the device.

If the user has the sneak attack feat then it is automaticaly applied when SLAGDRAM is in use.

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