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Remember History[edit]

I have set the Setting up to take place in the Fifth Age taking place directly after my book which I am close to finishing. I gave a rich history so that if you decide to go back and play in the Second Age you would have an idea of what all happened at that time or if you continue on into the Sixth Age you have a kind of pattern as to how the Ages went; Peace, Corruption, Darkness, Redemption, Peace, etc. Fell free to go back in time or progress in time but remember what happened in the past as it may influence events in your game.


Now I did not add Half-Orcs as a playable race in this setting partly because of the history the Orcs had. Now that the Fifth Age is open the DM may choose to allow Half-Orcs, it's up to him/her.

Other Continents[edit]

Another thing I left open. The Savage Lands are considered anything outside of the Continent of Olyptia. You may want to play on a different land. If you do and you have a great idea feel free to add it into my "Material Plane" section under Krzyn. This is the reason I left it so open.


A touchy subject I knew would probably come up. How can you have a DnD world with no Dragons? Well I just said they disappeared not that they left Olyptia. Maybe they migrated for a while and come back or maybe they are lying dormant underground and a dwarf expedition wakes one up. Once again it's up to DM discretion.

What I won't do[edit]

I am not going to tell you how to play your game only that you do not alter the history for your game. This history is rich and I will probably update it with further detail in another book I will start after my first one based in this realm. Other than that you can have free-reign to do whatever to make it suit your style.

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