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Author: ArochanoX

Runner Modification [Racial]

Feat related to the Mechanoid race.
Prerequisite: Mechanoid, first level only
Benefit: You were built to be able to make few special movements in a few special situations. You seem to have some cheetah-like features. Tail for instance.

Whenever you have all your four libs free for use, you can use all the four limbs for movement. Your base land speed increases by +10 feet, but you cannot make attacks for obvious reasons. While sprinting, you can, once a minute, speed burst for one round as a full-round action for 8x speed. To change from bipedal into quadruped creature and from quadruped creature back to bipedal, it takes a move action.

Extreme power burst

When standing on four legs, mechanoid can make jump checks as if it had a running start and without any maximum height penalty.

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