Rune of Ward (3.5e Rune)

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Rune of Ward
Level: Greater
Components: S, M
Casting time: One Round
Range: Inscribed Surface
Target: One Item
Duration: 1 Hour Per Level
Saving Throw: N/A
Spell Resistance: N/A
  • Language: Draconic, Dwarven, Giant, and Terran
  • Prerequisite:20 Ranks in Knowledge (Arcana),20 Ranks in Knowledge (Dungeoneering), 17 Wisdom or Intelligence, Rune of Deflection, Rune of Barrier

You apply a rune to one unmovable object. When activated by a keyword, it produces a magical field preventing one type of creature from entering in a manner similar to Protection from Evil. While within the area, you gain a +2 to AC, Saves, and other effects against the specified creatures.

This effect also protects those inside from any supernatural abilities of the creatures should they posses any. To enter the area, the creature the ward is guarding against must make a caster level check, the DC equal to the DC of the rune.

Cannot be used or under the effects of Rune of Nullification or Rune of Aegis at the same time as this rune. Choose one or the other, should the opportunity present itself and the other rune will not be able to effect you until the one you chose expires.

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