Rune of Thrust (3.5e Rune)

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Rune of Thrust
Level: Major
Components: S, M
Casting time: One Standard Action
Range: Touch
Effect, or Area: Object Touched
Duration: Until Used (See Text)
Saving Throw: Yes (Fortitude, See Text)
Spell Resistance: None
  • Language: Elven and Orcish
  • Prerequisite: BAB +10, 16 Strength or Dexterity, Rune of Striking

You write a rune in specified way that causes a number of effects, guiding your weapon to a weak point to cause such effects. Lasts until used on a single successful attack. This effect is a choice selected when you make the rune and cannot be undone. You must apply a new rune (snuffing out this one in the process) with the desired effect. Select Stun, Dazed, Bleed, or Slow. When you strike your target successfully they must roll a Fortitude save or fall victim to one of the following effects based on the choice you made:

Stun The Target is stunned for 1d4 Rounds
Dazed The Target gains the Dazed condition for 1d4 minutes.
Bleed The target bleeds for 1d6 points of bleed damage until healed (A heal DC is equal to the DC of this rune).
Slow The target's most important ligaments are slashed and they may only move at 1/4 their total speeds. Lasts until healed.

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