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Rune of Blizzard
Level: Greater
Components: S, M
Casting time: One Minute
Range: Inscribed Surface
Target, or Effect: One Object (Any)
Duration: 1 Round per Level
Saving Throw: Yes (Fortitude Half, Reflex for trip)
Spell Resistance: None
  • Language: Aquan and Auran
  • Prerequisite:21 Ranks in Knowledge (Nature) and Survival, Rune of Ice, Rune of Frost, Rune of Blizzard

This rune creates a powerful cyclone of raging frigid winds that moves through the air, along the ground, or over water at a speed of 60 feet per round. You can specify a simple program of movement for it to follow during the creation of the rune which is activated by touch or by word. The cyclone always moves during your turn. If the cyclone exceeds the rune’s range, it moves in a random, uncontrolled fashion for 1d3 rounds and then dissipates. (You can’t regain control of the cyclone, even if comes back within range.)

Any large or smaller creature (including yourself) that comes in contact with the spell effect must succeed on a fortitude save or take 3d6 plus 2 points of cold damage per level. They must also roll a reflex save or they are tripped. A Medium or smaller creature that fails its first reflex save must succeed on a second one or be picked up bodily by the cyclone and held suspended in its powerful winds, taking 1d8 per level points of cold damage each round on your turn with no save allowed. You may direct the cyclone to eject any carried creatures whenever you wish, but it must be included in the programming of the rune and within 60 feet of the cyclone's origin point. If it is further away, it will not eject them but will hold onto them until it dissipates or they escape.

This rune cannot be effected by Permanency.

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