Rune of Rejuvenation (3.5e Rune)

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Rune of Rejuvenation
Conjuration (Healing)
Level: Greater
Components: S, M
Casting time: One Round
Range: Touch
Target: One Item
Duration: 24 Hours
Saving Throw: Yes (Fortitude, Harmless)
Spell Resistance: No
  • Language: Celestial and Druidic
  • Prerequisite: 17 Ranks in Knowledge(Religion) or 18 Ranks in Knowledge (Nature), Rune of Mending, Rune of Healing, Rune of Regeneration

At first when applied this rune remains inactive until a predetermined key word is spoken, at such a time the target's body begins to heal itself, healing for 7 points of health per level of the caster. In the process the target is also cured of Blindness, Deafness, Bleeding, Sickness and other similar effects, and temporary paralysis. This healing takes place over the course of 10 rounds, each condition being lessened by one step each round until the subject is restored accordingly.

Because this is a wave of positive energy that heals the target, it subsequently harms undead and demons in the same manner, and inflicts one of the aforementioned status conditions at the DM's discretion.

This process may be interrupted if the target is subject to an Anti-magic field or similar effect, at which time the rune must be reapplied and activated or they will simply stop healing where it was ended leaving them with any current deformities or injuries.

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