Rune of Nullification (3.5e Rune)

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Rune of Nullification
Level: Greater
Components: S, M
Casting time: One Round
Range: Inscribed Surface, Personal
Target: One Item or Creature
Duration: 1 Round per Level, 1 Minute per Level
Saving Throw: N/A
Spell Resistance: N/A
  • Language: Draconic and Dwarven
  • Prerequisite:19 Ranks in Knowledge (Arcana), 13 Ranks in Knowledge (Planes), 18 Intelligence, Rune of Bulwark, Rune of Deflection

You place a rune on a person or object that is activated only by a specific word. Once activated, a mobile, faintly shimmering magical sphere surrounds you (and only you and your equipped items)and excludes all spell effects of 5th level or lower. The area or effect of any such spells does not include the area of rune. Such spells fail to affect any target located within the globe. Excluded effects include spell-like abilities, spells, and runes or spell-like effects from items. However, any type of spell can be cast through or out of the magical rune's field of effect. Spells of 6th level and higher are not affected by the rune, nor are spells already in effect when the rune is activated. The rune can be brought down by a targeted dispel magic spell, but not by an area dispel magic.

Note that spell effects are not disrupted unless their effects enter the rune's area of influence, and even then they are merely suppressed, not dispelled.

If a given spell has more than one level depending on which character class is casting it, use the level appropriate to the caster to determine whether rune stops it.

Cannot be used or under the effects of Rune of Aegis or Rune of Ward at the same time as this rune. Choose one or the other, should the opportunity present itself and the other rune will not be able to effect you until the one you chose expires.

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