Rune of Force (3.5e Rune)

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Rune of Force
Level: Lesser
Components: S, M
Casting time: One Minute
Range: Inscribed Surface
Target: special see text
Duration: 1 Hour/2 Level (minimum 1 Hour)
Saving Throw: N/A
Spell Resistance: None
  • Language: Dwarven
  • Prerequisite:13 CON, Rune of Impact, Level 6

When applied to a weapon, it grants you +3 additional points of force damage that bypasses DR. If applied to armor, it grants the wearing 3/- DR, even against magical effects that allow for spell resistance. Does not stack with Rune of Impact.

Note: This rune does not stack with other runes of the same type. If a stronger rune is applied with the same damage type its effects overwrite this runes effect. For armor this runic damage reduction stacks with any innate reductions of the armor (such as adamantite) but does not stack with personal damage reduction.

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