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About Ruins & Dragons[edit]

Ruins & Dragons is a D&D setting based on fantastic realism and “hard” fantasy. The rules, the combat mechanics, the functioning of the magic, the biology of the creatures, everything is highly influenced by the concept of realism - without affecting the gameplay.

The functioning of magic in this universe follows the most logical rules possible. R&D magic works on the basis of mana, the primordial ethereal element that originated all things in the universe. All playable characters have mana and use them to cast spells or advanced techniques - according to the ability of their class and their attributes related to magic.

Although mana, also called aether, has only one nature, there are three types of magic in R&D: the arcane, linked to intelligence; the priestly, related to the charism; and the elementary, coming from wisdom. In this way, all magical classes are called mages, however arcane mages are called magicians, divine mages are called priests and elemental mages are sorcerers.

Another initially controversial topic is the anatomy of some creatures. For example, true dragons have only four limbs (a pair of legs and a pair of wings). True dragons differ from wyverns by their size, posture, intelligence and wing shape. Wyverns are smaller, less intelligent, have a bipedal stance and wings with five fingers. True dragons are bigger, more intelligent, use their wings to move around on the ground and these wings have a “sixth finger” (the styliform element).

The geography and history of Yera, the world where R&D is going on, are based on the real world, with places and events of our world being recounted in a fantastic reality.

The intention of this RPG is to create a magical world that is as credible as possible. Where players feel as if they were actually born in Yera, being absorbed by its setting, history, fauna and flora.


The R&D cosmology is much simpler than in other D&D scenarios. It is based on the Samsara wheel, where there are six material planes that function as parallel universes. Among them, there is the ethereal plane where the gods, spirits and other ethereal entities inhabit. Mortal souls reincarnate from one plane to the other in an infinite cycle. Those who manage to break this cycle become deities. The standard material R&D plan (equivalent to the Forgotten Realms) is the Medjan’ plan.

Ruins & Dragons Plan D&D's Corresponding Set
Medjan' Forgotten Realms
Ankapya Durk Sun
Bestarya -
Heroika Eberron
Utopya -
Milenial' -

Campaign Setting Information[edit]

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