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Royal Knight[edit]

A Royal Knight is the hand of their king or emperor. A Royal Knight is the ultimate defense of a kingdom and will do anything to preserve the peace and peoples of there homelands. rarely leaving the land unless on a mission from the king. Royal Knight's spend there free time patrolling the land.

Making a Royal Knight[edit]

The strong points of a Royal Knight are the fact they outrank even generals in the land they hail from. A royal is able to requisition free supplies as well as they excel in combat.

Abilities: The Royal knight requires at least 15 strength and wisdom to even take the class. They can use the power of there signet ring to invoke various "royal powers".

Races: Humans are about the only types that can become royal knights, anyone with a major kingdom and a king Most if not all Royal Knights hail from a hometown within the kingdom.

Alignment: Any lawful->.

Starting Gold: non, all royal financial situations are resolved as payable to the king.

Starting Age: As fighter.

Table: The Royal Knight

Hit Die: d10

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Class Features
Fort Ref Will
1st 1 1 0 1 Royal will, Voice of kings
2nd 1 2 0 1 Royal will
3rd 2 3 0 2 Royal Power
4th 3 4 0 2
5th 3 5 1 3 Fighter Feat, Armor no longer hinders speed
6th 5 6 1 3 Royal Power
7th 5 7 1 4
8th 5 8 1 4
9th 7 9 2 5 Royal Power
10th 8 10 2 5 Fighter feat, Armor no longer weighs anything when equipped
11th 9 11 2 6
12th 10/5 12 3 6 Royal Power
13th 11/6 12 3 6
14th 10/7 14 3 7
15th 12/8 15 3 8 Royal Power, Imposing armor
16th 13/9 16 4 8 Fighter Feat
17th 15/11/1 17 4 9
18th 15/11/1 18 4 9 Royal Power
19th 15/11/3 19 4 10
20th 15/11/3 20 5 10 Grand Power, Fighter feat, Royal power

Class Skills (3 + Int modifier per level, ×4 at 1st level)
diplomacy, gather information, intimidate, knowledge nobility/history/religion, ride, sense motive.

Class Features[edit]

The Royal Knight's powers come half from being the voice of the king, making there word law in the kingdom, and half from the power of their signet ring, which provides them with the royal powers. All of the following are class features of the Royal Knight. The Royal knights wear full armor and a weapon that are both massive in scope, treating them as twice as heavy and as large, the resulting armor is heavier, and the weapon gets 1 damage dice up in power.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Heavy Armor proficiency, exotic weapon proficiency (giant weapon).

Royal Wills, Powers, ect (Ex): special abilities: imposing armor: the size and weight of the armor makes the knight in all aspects as one size larger then his current category for all purposes except carrying capacity

Voice of kings: in the kingdom of the royals birth, the royal has absolute power of town military and citizenry

Royal wills: royal will can be used 1/day every 5 levels

Know trouble: the Knight will feel a trouble, activating this ability will tell him the exact location of the trouble and guide him unerringly to it

Summon weapon: the knight can draw his weapon to his hand, the weapon will travel corners and attack obstacles to get to the caller, this effect works within 10ft/lvl, half action.

Word of power: the royal knight draws forth power into there weapon, confering a +2 deflection bonus to AC and +2 atk bonus, this effect takes a full action and lasts for d10 rounds.

Imposing might: the royal knight's status and size makes them even more intimidating. the opponents within viewing range make a will save vs 10+cha+1/2HD or be shaken for 1d4 rounds. multiple knights can cause a more powerfull fear effect if used together.

Ignore wounds: the royal knight training makes most wounds that would be serious to be minor flesh wounds, allowing them to heal 1d4+cha. this ability can be used in -HP

ROYAL POWERS: royal powers can be used 1/3days every 5 levels Lvl 1-6 powers:

hover: the knight is capable of overland flight of 10ft/rnd for rounds = to lvl. this effect is similar to pushing off from an object in anti gravity, though controllable. can be used to stop falling damage. free action

Royal cut: The knight slashes the enemy, taking -5 to his atk roll to garantee a critical hit on his foe, attack action

Royal strike: the knights next attack is garanteed to hit although at no crit chance, free action

Royal command: the knight can order others to attack in his stead on a successfull diplomacy check. the ordered attackers gain a +5 to atk and dmg.

Indomidable presense: the knight can stun an opponent for rounds = to level as a full action, the opponent makes an avoid vs will DC10+intimidate rank

Royal Wrath: for the royals turn, his attacks do knockback = to damage. half action

Lvl 9-15 powers: Flight: the knight can fly at perfect maneuverability at 5 times his land speed. this power remains active for rounds = to level. move action

Energy blade: the knight's blade glows and lengthens with no weight difference up to 5ft/lvl for 5 rounds, half action

Critical blade: the knights blade has a triple threat range for the next round, full action

Armored behemoths: the Knight's heavy armor adds to there swings, allowing them to hit multiple foes in a swinging arc much like a giant swing, hitting the enemy touch attacks. atk action.

crushing blow: the knights next strike causes enemies armor to make a fort DC 10+dmg or be destroyed. atk action

lvl 18-20 powers:

Summons: a knight will get an incling when not on a mission. upon feeling it. the knight can activate this ability to dimension door without fail to the source, this incling is sensing someones true despair in the kingdom.

Stand together: a royal knight can rally soldiers near him and in close range to the soldiers, confirs upon them his own AC, the soldiers become immune to fear effects and mind controls.

Summon Royal mount: for days = to lvl, a knight can summon a heavilly armored steed large enough to easilly carry the fully armored royal as well as 1000 pounds additional materials.

Royal strength: the royals strength modifier is doubled for one task/3atks [half action]

Royal command: for 1 day, can act outside of his kingdom as tho he was inside his own kingdom. [must be allied to kingdom]

Grand powers: a grand power is the ultimate technique of royal knights. can be used 1/month every 5 lvls

Royal armor: the knights armor becomes completely impervious, rendering the knight invulnerable for 1d4 turns, full action

Divine Rebirth: the knight upon death if is able to use a grand power, makes will save DC 30 to activate this ability. the next day. the knights armor assembles itself and the knight is reborn inside the armor at a permenant -1 con and str.

blade of banishment: this attack gains a double crit threat range and if crits the enemy, banishes him without taking damage to purgatory.

Ex-Exiled Knight[edit]

When a royal knight uses his royal powers or rights for personal gain or abandons his king, he emediatly becomes an exiled knight. losing any special abilities and the use of his powers, wills, e.t.c. on top of that. the ex knight becomes hunted by the remaining royal knights as a traitor and is considered wanted at a high bounty.

Epic Royal Knight[edit]

Table: The Epic Royal Knight

Hit Die: d10

Level Special
21st epic royal power
23rd fighter feat
24th epic royal power
27th fighter feat
29th <-any improvements to class features gained at this level, including any bonus feats->
30th epic royal power

3 + Int modifier skill points per level.

Epic Powers: True Royal powers [epic]

Hand of fate: The royal draws a rune with his hand, turning his hand into a magic cannon, he then fires upon his target 6 beams, if they hit the target on touch, the hits auto crit, decintigrating the struck limb or burning a hole through the target, each beam deals 10d10 damage.

city riser: the royal can destroy his own body, armor and weapon, erasing his memory, levels, if done in a recently destroyed city, it regenerates the city and all those slain in it.

Rebirth True: the royal can die on will to, without fail, erase all his memories, levels, and skills, his body fades into a blue glow and will be reborn as a miraculous conception in the town he lives in. destined to grow into a new knight. the child retains 1 feat and skill from his old life and vaguely remembers his old allies. [these retained feats and skills remain as well if this ability is used again]

Gear: Full plate armor (with x2 modifier on weight and cost). Massive weapon of choice (x2 cost and weight, one dmg dice higher in power). Signet ring (no value, unable to be removed short of slicing off finger, only functions for original owner, can be used to stamp royal seals)

Gold: no gold.

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a Royal Knight[edit]

Religion: Worships the main religion of the kingdom as their order usually is named the Knights of [religion].

Other Classes: The knights usually work among other knights or alone. However there can be times of trouble where they can conscript other adventurers and as long as they obey the law, will work well with them on a professional level. any law breaking by the other party members the royal will have to intercede and ether stop the crime from happening or attack and jail/slay the offender.

Combat: support, tank.

Royal knights in the World[edit]

to new royal knight "First rule, never show weakness. bow your head or apologize in any way. and I shall cross swords with you myself!"
—Ortho, 1st commander of the Seraph Knights

Any major kingdom

Daily Life: Patrolling town, or journeying towards a town in need.

Notables: Alphonse the Legend: A Royal Knight who is only called upon in times of extreme crisis. has never known defeat, wears white armor with gold trim and wields a giant greatsword.

Ortho, 1st Commander of the Knights of Seraph: A royal knight who trains new royals, very strict and very commited to duty, makes delicious apple pies in his off time.

Organizations: A Royal Knight order usually meets in a very private room secluded in the castle. There they hold meetings when multiple knights are required for a mission. In the private room is a blue burning brazier and beds enough for the order in there own individual rooms. another feature of the royal knights gathering hall is 3 rooms each filled with deadly traps, at the end of each room lays a rack with ether weapons, armor, or pedestal of rings. New recruits ether succeed or die acquiring all 3 before they take the royal oath to become a new knight. upon completing the tasks, the knew royal's ring becomes enchanted within the blue flames while worn, it requires a senior royal knight or the king to help put power into the ring.

NPC Reactions: any local of the kingdom will react with awe or shock at the sight of a royal, usually feeling honored to be in their presence. An NPC will usually render any aid they can as well as generally standing out of the way of the royal. some low level thugs such as thieves or brutes will flee on sight of a royal.

Royal Knight Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in knowledge: Royalty, Nobility, history, religion> can research Exiled Royal Knights and Royal Knights to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

<-the appropriate skills->
DC Result
5 Royal Knights are the Voice of the king. They are generally respected and loved by the people. [and for exiled: that's a fallen knight I hear. did his king wrong and now he's half the man he used to be. stripped of rank and armor]
10 The Royal Knights have the power to aquire any item they see fit at cost to the crown instead of themselves, I hear tell that those armored behemoths end up killing half the recruits that go to sign on to them with some crazy training regime. [for exiled: I hear talk that exiled Royals get their armor stripped as well as their weapons and powers. dunno how they manage to cut there power off though
15 <-rare information->.
20 <-very rare information->.

Royal Knights in the Game[edit]

<-Royal Knights serve the King of there land without question. they can be found patrolling at random, or being sent to ether combat invading armies or investigate rumored threats to a town. if something is to threaten a town with a high chance of success of destroying the town. high level royals may use there summons power to appear in the town to defend it.->

Sample Encounter: The players are in town, a zombie army marching into it. swarming all over. As the first wave shuffles its way towards our heroes, they see from the corner of there eyes, 4 heavily armored warriors faces hidden behind the narrow slits in there helmets for breathing and seeing, they walk in wall formation. An imposing sight, capes aflutter in the heated winds of battle, each carrying a massive weapon. as they approach they break into a lumberous run as they charge for the ranks of the undead.

EL : the evil player character wizard launches an attack on a small town, casting fireball and setting much of a block of houses on fire. as he laughs while guards and townsfolk alike flee, a heavily armored warrior appears from around the corner and challenges the player to one on one combat [Royal knight level 15].

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