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Rod of Pain: This rod is white, 5’’ long, with electricity breaking from the ends that give the user a tap of pain when the spell is used.

Damage = times that day it was used * level of spell (2nd time used that day 5th level spell = 10 points of damage to the user) (0 level spell do ½ of a 1st level spell rounded up)

To use this rod you must be a spell caster (arcane) and make a Use Magic Device check DC (15 + spell level) if the check fails the spell still works but you take 2 times the damage to your opponent.

The rod can be used as many times per day as you like.

It can be used for one of the following:

Spell Level Spell
0th level Any Cantrip
1st level Magic Missile
2nd level Fireburst
3rd level Fireball
4th level Orb of (acid, cold, electricity, fire, force, sound) (any)
5th level Cloudkill
6th level Fire Spiders
7th level Energy Ebb
8th level Incendiary Cloud
9th level Black Blade of Disaster
Epic Hellball (you still have to pay the XP cost of 400xp, and take the 10d6 of damage)

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