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Robes of Burning Flames[edit]

These robes are favored by mages who love fire. They are bright red and orange and glow as if they were ablaze and are as light as fire itself.


  • +8 Armor bonus to AC
  • Immunity to fire
  • Raises the Save DC by 1, raises the damage dealt by +1/die, raises the Caster level by 1 for purposes of overcoming SR, and gives a +1 bonus on attack rolls if the spell requires a touch attack (ranged or melee) for all spells with the fire descriptor.
  • Creatures attacking you in melee take 1d6 fire damage


The robe itself is fashioned from Efreeti skin and dragon scales that requires a DC 30 Craft (armor) or Craft (leather working) check and takes at least 1 month. Alone it provides a +4 armor bonus and provides resistance to fire 10, and counts as light armor. When enchanting the robe, you must draw a runic circle around the robe with the soil and set it ablaze with alchemists fire. Then the spells can be cast.

There are several material components that must be used in order to create the robes as well as the spells involved.

cost:350000gp Craft Wondrous Item, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Mage Armor, Fire Shield, Endure Elements, Protection from Energy, Wish.

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