Roasted Divine Boar Hide (3.5e Equipment)

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The leathery hide of a mighty boar, stripped from its bones with the only thing keen enough to slice it: one of its own fractured tusks. Once cooked it becomes soft, tearing between your avaricious fingers like slightly resilient paper. Its flavor speaks of the forest, and of course, the tasty swine which once wore this skin as its own

  • costs 1400 platinum
  • Boar's Thick Hide Any three hits dealt to you through the encounter do zero damage, and provoke an attack of opportunity.
  • Boar's Searing Rebuke Any two successful attacks against you act as critical failures, granting you an attack of opportunity which deals bonus damage equivalent to twice your strength modifier +1d6 for every 10 fortitude. These hits cannot be the same ones you choose to nullify with Thick Hide.
  • Boar's Immutable Onslaught Any attack which would knock you prone, instead triggers an attack of opportunity that deals three times its normal damage.
  • Once the encounter ends, your AC falls by 1/4 and your hp by 1/3. This lasts for three turns, but can be avoided with a fortitude save of DC 18

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