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But there were some who would take advantage of Bahamut’s blessing, and become Dragonborn to not only destroy the spawn of Tiamat; but all Dragonic Beings that walked the planes of existence. They profaned his holy Rites, and twisted it towards their own genocidal crusade.

Rite of Rebirth[edit]

The Platinum Dragon rejected the thought of breeding creatures to oppose the aberrant creations of Tiamat. He instead sought out humanoid volunteers of any non-draconic race who had shown strong determination and the will to work against vile draconic creatures. A potential recruit's past didn't matter to Bahamut while the candidate had demonstrated the commitment to oppose Tiamat and her spawn. Even wrongdoers found redemption and purpose in becoming Bahamut's servants.

Usually, Bahamut called those humanoids he had chosen before adolescence, but sometimes adults heard the call of the Platinum Dragon as well. The call was a courteous mental question, asking in the hearts and souls of those deemed worthy if were willing to undertake the duty to protect the world from the spawn of Tiamat, giving up all that they were until that moment of their lives for a life of hardships and sacrifices. Not all those who were called answered, but those who did it underwent a magical process known as the Rite of Rebirth.

Those who committed to this demanding ritual meditated for a full day and night, their head filled with reminders of all they were giving up. Those who elected to go on, prepared a specially-built egg-shaped chamber and entered on it to sleep for another full day and night, emerging the next dawn as an adult dragonborn (regardless of their previous age), a draconic humanoid with metallic scales and draconic abilities. They had been reborn as permanent champions of the Platinum Dragon.

The Rite of Rebirth was created during the Time of Dragons, when Bahamut first sought out volunteers to become dragonborn and help him battle the spawn of Tiamat. The knowledge of the ritual resurfaced in 1359 DR, when Bahamut regained his deific status and began to search once more for those worthy of being called his children.

After the last Rage of Dragons, in 1373 DR, many non-dragon devotees of Bahamut began to feel a strong urge to become dragonborn. Many of those who were called underwent the Rite of Rebirth, and the Sisterhood of Essembra helped those who were interested in taking the rituals and sought their help.

While most who undertake the Rite of Rebirth vow to destroy the Dragons aligned with Tiamat, there are some who seek to destroy all Draconic beings regardless of alignment. These warriors are known as the Order of the Oathbound. Those who now lead the Order have profaned Bahamut's holy ritual to their own ends, using vile blood magic derived from the blood of slain dragons as well as their own members. Few survive the ordeal, but those who do arise as Dragonborn pledged to eradicate their kin.

The Tenets of the Oathbound are memorized and recited prior to their transformation,they revolve around their devotion to dragonslaying and eradicating their kind from the earth. In the Oath, they are pledged to end their own lives should they successfully wipe them out. Seeking to protect non-Draconic creatures across the land, these warriors are most often Lawful Neutral or Neutral in terms of Alignment. Their zealousy may perhaps earn them a Lawful Evil alignment.

Fight the Greater Evil. Faced with a choice of fighting my sworn foes or combating a lesser evil, I choose the greater evil.

'No Mercy for Wyrms' Ordinary foes might win my mercy, but dragon's deserve none

By Any Means Necessary. I must be willing to sacrifice whatever it takes in order to destroy my foes.

Restitution. If my foes wreak ruin on the world, it is because I failed to stop them. I must help those harmed by their misdeeds and avenge the shortcomings of my Order.

Those who join the Oathbound, spend years training under an experienced dragonslayer, learning the language of such beasts as well as their anatomy, favored terrain and commonly found habitats, as well as tracking skills and proven methods on how to slay them. Soon after they begin citing the oath, preparing themselves to undertake the Ritual. They curse the name of Bahamut and Tiamat and all Dragonkin and make a public declaration to their Order to uphold the tenets that would soon bind them.

Ritual consists of taking the blood of dragons as well as senior members of the Order are placed within an enchanted goblet. The initiate is able to choose which two types of dragon they want to be, the blood of the dragons of their choosing is predominately what is poured into the goblet before it is prepared with a series of spells. After drinking from the cup, the initiates are called the meditate within a steel egg of which they are sealed within. The egg is etched in wards, only able to be destroyed by the touch of a Dragonborn. Those who die form the ritual or fail to transform and left inside the egg; unworthy.

Upon completion of the ritual, the surviving Oathbound learn how to take advantage of their Draconic forms and use their newly found power to hunt down dragons and other creatures.

Skill Proficiencies: Survival.

Tool Proficiencies:

Languages: Draconic.


Feature: Know Thy Enemy[edit]

You are intimately familiar with dragons' anatomy, habitat, and territorial markings. You gain

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d8 Personality Trait
d6 Ideal
1 <-Ideal->. (<-Alignment->)
2 <-Ideal->. (<-Alignment->)
3 <-Ideal->. (<-Alignment->)
4 <-Ideal->. (<-Alignment->)
5 <-Ideal->. (<-Alignment->)
6 <-Ideal->. (<-Alignment->)
d6 Bond
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