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So you've chosen to be a ringleader! Great on you! Now how are you going to go about this, hmm? Are you going to create a wonderful animal circus? Will you 'collect' freakshows and charge for their display? Will you use sleight of hand and the arcanic arts to impress and deceive? Only time will tell, but for now let the show go on!

Skill Proficiencies: You are proficient in your choice between two of the following skills: Performance, Persuasion, Deception, Sleight of Hand, and Arcana.

Tool Proficiencies: You have proficiency in an entertainer's kit.

Languages: You know common and a choice of one other language (not exotic).

Equipment: You start with a set of entertainer's clothes, two costumes of your choice, a ringleader's staff, and an entertainer's kit.

Feature: Ringleader's Charm[edit]

As a ringleader it's your duty to sell your show. People will slowly start to know your name and you'll grow in popularity or quite the opposite. Depends on the audience, depends on the show. But no matter what, you're gonna get your money's worth. Whether that be by your great charisma or...less savory methods is your choice. You have an uncanny ability to keep a show going no matter how badly it seems to be going. You really are quite the crowd-turner. By joining in your show you encourage your performers and your crowd. Always willing to turn the show's attention to you and inspire people's hearts as you outperform the performance YOU put in order.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

If you want some help creating a fleshed out personality for your ringleader, you can use some of these characteristics!

d8 Personality Trait
1 My show will give me profit whether it's good or not. No refunds.
2 I entertain for the fun and thrill of it! Money is the least of my troubles, simply an addition to the thrill of a great performance!
3 A smile on a child's face viewing my show is the most inspiring thing possible.
4 "That's showbiz baby" is my motto in life.
5 I'll never get discouraged from entertaining the public!
6 I'm only in it for the money, the people are frankly annoying as hell.
7 I don't only own the show, I am the show!
8 I value my performers feelings over mine.
d6 Ideal
1 Entertainment It's my job to keep people smiling and laughing! (Any)
2 Addiction My goal is to keep everyone's attention and never let go of it. (Chaotic)
3 Cash I'm getting my money at the end so I'll work for it. (Neutral)
4 Fun! Fun! Fun! I just want everyone to have a lot of fun during my show! (Good)
5 Fear Everyone will leave my show with a new sense of fear from my freaks! (Evil)
6 Astounding Performance My performance will be incredible, and I'll be satisfied with praise. (Any)
d6 Bond
1 You are very new to the game and no one knows your name yet.
2 You've been in the business a long time and now you finally are on your upswing in your career...maybe.
3 You run a freakshow! You collect all sorts of freaks and creeps from all sides of the land to join your freakshow circus!
4 Someone destroyed your name and now you're going to rebuild it. They'll pay too.
5 You don't profit from your shows. Not because no one shows up, but because you simply care too much about entertaining to want money!
6 A rose from a single member of the audience outweighs a crowdful of rotten tomatoes.
d6 Flaw
1 You sometimes get too invested in performing and interfere in a performance, belittling the performer by accident (or on purpose).
2 You abuse the performers indebted to you.
3 You don't pay your performers.
4 Your show is...a little too weird for most folks.
5 You are too critical on the performances, and often your performers leave you.
6 Your name isn't very known where you are.

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