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Ring of the Green Lantern: This ring is one of the most coveted rings in all existence, coming from the immortal guardians of the universe the magic held inside always almost anything the wearer wants to come into existence, armor, weapons, object to even beams and rays of pure green power. Held by the truest of protectors-the green lanterns-this ring is used to protect the innocent. It can only be used by the willful and the wisest of any race, therefore the owner must have a will score of at least 25 to power the ring.

Warning: This artifact is often called "the most powerful weapon in the universe". It can and will unbalance your game. Be cautious in it's application.



The ring must be recharged with a power battery either (GM’s choice) once every 24 hours or when 500 points of Will Save (see below) have been used by the ring to manifest powers.


The ring’s powers are activated by Will Saves. The higher the DC, the more powerful the ability.

ENERGY ARMOR: (Standard action) The wielder can manifest body armor of different intensities.

Will Save = Deflection Bonus (Spell Resistance)

DC 15 = +3

DC 20 = +5 (15)

DC 25 = +8 (20)

(Move equivalent action)

Will Save = Speed

DC 0 (Automatic) = 90 ft. / round

DC 10 = 180 km/hour (1000 ft. / round)

DC 20 = Light Speed (Only available in outer space)

DC 40 = Interstellar Speeds (GM’s discretion. Only available in outer space)

ENERGY BLASTS: (Standard action) The wielder can unleash blasts of psycho-plasmic energy in shape of a cone, sphere, cylinder, or line.

Will Save = Damage (Reflex save vs. intelligence check for half)

DC 10 = 3D8

DC 15 = 6D8

DC 20 = 9D8

DC 25 = 12D8

(Cone 60 ft./ Sphere 20 ft. Radius/ Cylinder 10 ft. radius 40 ft. high/ Line 120 ft. )

(Move equivalent action)

Wielder can create whatever weapons he desires. He does not gain any automatic proficiency.

Will Save = Weapon Properties / Magical Bonus

DC 5 normal

DC 8 +1

DC 11 +2

DC 14 +3

DC 17 +4

DC 20 +5

DC 23 +6

(Standard action)

Wielder can attempt to bend the light around himself rendering him invisible.

Will Save DC 15

(Standard action)

Wielder can attempt to dematerialize himself, becoming insubstantial and able to pass through solid objects.

Will save DC 20

(Standard action)

The wielder can create psychoplasmic energy constructs in varying ranges of complexity.

Will Save Item Complexity

DC 15 Very Simple (balls/clubs/hammers etc.)

DC 20 Simple (scissors/cages etc.)

DC 25 Complex (catapults/structures(houses) etc.)

DC 30 Very Complex (cars, firearms, missiles)

DC 35 High Technology* (Space ships/space stations)

  • Will save must be made every turn.
(Standard action)

Wielder can manipulate energy to move objects.

Will Save = Maximum size of object affected

DC 5 Tiny

DC 10 Small

DC 15 Medium

DC 20 Large

DC 25 Huge

DC 30 Gargantuan

DC 35 Colossal

Statistics for animated objects are found in Monster Manual.

(Reflex save to create)

When the wielder is about to take damage from an effect he might reflexively create an energy shield to absorb some of the damage.

Will Save = Damage Reduction

DC 15 = 5

DC 20 = 10

DC 25 = 15

DC 30 = 20

DC 35 = 30


The ability to mimic any spell (Other than the wish and/or miracle spells or their lesser variations) Will Save = 20 + Spell Level


When the wearer is exposed to an environment that is inherently harmful to him, (space/underwater/elemental planes etc.) he is protected by a field suitable for his sustenance. It remains an appropriate temperature, provides its own atmosphere and even removes wastes. When flying at light speed, this is what protects from heat and friction of meteors.

Transmutation Conjuration;  CL 15;

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