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Pale as sunrise, cold as midnight, a ring of woven gold rests on your finger, heavier than all the world, brimming with pain, despair, and above all else something truly terrible: rage. You tilt back your head, and unleash a scream like none any mortal mouth should ever bear, for its notes are steeped in anguish, and its melody knells for ultimate ruin.

  • Cost: 1,000,000 xp, 15,000,000 pp, 15 epic magical items worth no less than 100,000 gold each. Even once all this is paid, the ring remains dun, woken only with the life force of 100+(level before paying/3) monsters whose level cannot be less than your previous. Slay all these, and the prize is yours.

special Once per day, call on the ring's glory, ascending to a new form mightier than any the world has ever borne. This lasts until the encounter ends, but can be sustained with a will save of DC (Saiyan form number +1d10 for each day)

  • Rise to a level of Super Saiyan equal to your fortitude divided by 6, following the below chart for its bonuses:
  • SSJ 1: all skills are multiplied by 2
  • SSJ 2: all skills are multiplied by 5 (counting the above 2)
  • SSJ 3: Gain Aura of Ruin, dealing your will times three in damage to any creature in a burst (2+will) squares.
  • SSJ 4: all skills, damage, and health are multiplied by 10
  • SSJ 5: all damage is multiplied by your will
  • SSJ 6: all skills are multiplied by your will
  • SSJ 7 and beyond: all skills are multiplied by your will, and doubled. Your health increases by a factor of 3 each time. Every ten (17, 27, 37...) raises your damage to the power of (will/10 rounded down)+2. Every 5 levels (13, 18...) grant another Aura, which can deal your choice of elemental damage, and deal your fortitude+will multiplied by the current Saiyan state in damage over a burst of your will times your Saiyan state.

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