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Gifted to Archmage Eykanos Drakulzen as gift from overlord of the gods after serving 5 centuries as members of other races. Spent a century as an elf, halfling, gnome, dwarf and Orc each.


Shiny silvery metal with Arcane symbols wrapping around it. Three main symbols appear on it. Pentacle of Protection, All Seeing Eye, and Symbol of Purity.


Normally: Wearing the Ring of Unending Peace provides a +8 on intelligence +7 on Wisdom and +8 deflection bonus to AC.

Also acts as Ring of Wizardry I/II.

When worn in conjunction with Amulet of Draconic Dominance and Ring of True Belief forms Triad of Power granting the effects of a Ring of Wizardry types I/II/III/IV/V.

When worn on the same hand as The Ring of True Belief the two rings take up only a single ring slot.

Eykanos Drakulzen Triad of Power:
Amulet of Draconic Dominance Ring of True Belief

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