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Ring of Sustenance, Greater[edit]

Greater Sustenance This ring continually provides its wearer with life-sustaining nourishment. Additionally, once per day, the ring will instantly refresh the wearer as if he had slept for eight hours when a command word is spoken. The ring must be worn for three weeks before it will have any effect. If the ring is removed, the wearer must wear the ring another three weeks to reattune himself.

When the command word to activate the ring's refreshing power is spoken, the wearer is affected just as if he had slept for eight hours. Spellcasters will forget any prepared spells, and must spend the requisite time preparing spells to cast them once more. Clerics or other characters who must pray after waking need not do this after the effect of the ring has completed, but must pray at some regular time each day to maintain class features.

Caster Level: 38th; Prerequisites: Forge Ring, Forge Epic Ring, miracle; Market Price: 1,000,000 gp.

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