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Ring of Salisar: A plain gold ring it is alluring but for no discernible reason.

History: Forged by Salisar the lesser God to bring down adventuring parties from within. No one who has ever owned this ring was ever noted in history as their lives soon come to an end, it cannot be destroyed only hidden.

Description: This cursed ring is gold and plain, the player who put it on will not be able to take it off unless told not to; The ring will make the player disagree with every request from an ally you are unable to provide aid to allies on request this includes heals, combat aid, or skill assists; After one in game day the players alignment will change one step closer to evil.

At the end of the first in game day if alignment is already evil the player will attack the party. every in game day your alignment will move one alignment to evil.

evil = 1 in game day then attack party neutral to evil = 3 in game days then attack party good to neutral then neutral to evil = 5 in game days then attack party
Strong <enchantment, necromancy>; CL 50; Weight: 0.1 lbs lb.

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