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Ring of Gemini: The ring is two small, attachable rings in one. One ring is a dark, almost grim purple stained copper ring with etchings of feathers on it. It has half of an amethyst set inside it, with one half of the sign for Gemini in it. The gem glows a grim hue in the light of the moon. The second half is a much lighter, warming and comforting purple stained copper ring, etched with decorations of feathers as well. This second, as well, has half an amethyst set inside it, and inside the gem, is the second half to the Gemini symbol. This second glows a warming purple when seen in the light of the moon.

History: Zalera, the Death Seraph, was given the task by the gods which made him to judge the souls of the living. He was created in opposition to Emet-Selch, the Angel of Truth. His own soul was tainted and corrupt by the very souls he judged, the ones whom rested forever in hell, and the ones in the earths, damning the heavens for it's own injustice. In a rage fulled by false beliefs and corruption, he assaulted the gods whom made him, clutching one of their most prized shamaness in his right arm. So great was his corruption that the shamaness was forever bound to his clutches, even in Zalera's defeat. To this day he walks realms of mortals, judging souls which not need so, aided by the shamaness and her wail of pain and sorrow.

Activation: When used in combat by uttering a chant in Undercommon ('By the powers of life and death and I ask of your help. May your wail of pain and suffering ring out to my foes and end their lives!') which will be told to the wearer once the ring is placed, as if the ring itself has informed the wearer, allows said wearer to summon the beast Zalera into combat with them. A Use Magic Device check of 30 is also required to use the ring.

While summoned, Zalera replaces the summoner for a number of minutes equal to the summoner's primary mental stat modifier(Int for Wizards, Cha for Sorcerers and Bards, Wis for Clerics, Paladins, Druids, and Rangers; if none, it defaults to their Wis mod) times his/her level. The summoner cannot act, move, or attack, yet cannot be damaged unless attacked by a spell or attacked by a weapon that possesses ghost touch or a similar effect or enchantment that allows a melee weapon to attack incorporeal beings. After the time limit is up, Zalera fades and is brought back into the ring, and the summoner resumes combat once again. If Zalera is slain in the time limit, he may not be summoned again for 24 hours, increasing in 24 hour intervals for every time he is slain, to a maximum of a week. A day is removed from this penalty is Zalera is not summoned for 24 hours.

To find Zalera with more ease: [[1]]

Note: THIS IS A FAN MADE ITEM! I hold no rights of the item itself, the backstory, and creature itself, all of which belong to Final Fantasy and their respective rights. I repeat: THIS IS A FAN MADE ITEM! I TAKE NO CREATIVE RIGHTS!
Moderate Conjuration; CL 19; Weight: 3

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