Ring of Dimensional Restraint (3.5e Equipment)

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Ring of Dimensional Restraint

Price (Item Level): 243,000 gp (28th)

Body Slot: Ring

Caster Level: 15th

Aura: Strong; (DC 22) abjuration

Activation: Immediate (command)

Weight: -

This ring appears to be a miniature adamantine chain, topped with a large piece of hematite carved to resemble a lock.

A ring of dimensional restraint only functions for beings with a supernatural or spell-like ability to utilize some form of dimensional travel. By expending one of their daily uses of that ability, the wearer may duplicate a dimensional lock effect, with the following exceptions. First, the effect is not stationary, but centered on the ring, allowing it to move with the wearer. Second, the effect is dismissible, by expending another daily use of the creature's dimensional travel ability. The creature uses the caster level of their dimensional travel ability (or that of the ring, whichever is higher) to determine the duration of the effect.

Originally created by Devils in Baator for use in the Blood War, the secret of creating these rings rapidly spread throughout the outer planes. Now, many high powered outsiders use them to keep their hated enemies from fleeing the scene of battle.

Prerequisites: Forge Ring, dimensional lock.

Cost to Create: 121,500 gp, 9720 XP

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