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Ring of Death: The ring looks jet black, studded along the outside are tiny blue mithral stones, and in the center fitting is a large white opal.

"He Who Controls the Ring, Controls Death Itself."

Besides its elegant craftsmanship, the ring is ordinary looking. Upon being fitted onto the wearer's finger, the wearer must make a Fortitude Save DC 30. Failure automatically kills the wearer and his soul is sent to Limbo. If the fortitude save is successful, the wearer immediately learns how to use ring and the powers of death shown below so long as he wears the ring.

Powers of Death:

The wearer can use the spells Sense Life and Dimension Door at will. This ring has additional effects. See below for effects.

1. Decision: When a living mortal creature takes damage within 30 feet of you, you may as a full round action, say "Decision". That creature must make a will save DC 20. Failing the save automatically slays the creature and sends its soul to Limbo.

2. Balance: If you drop to 0 hit points or below in combat, the ring will siphon hit points from the nearest living mortal creature in a 60ft range. That creature loses half of its current hit points (rounded down) and you gain the same amount of hit points that creature lost. There is no save for this effect.

3. Revive: Resurrection at will.
Strong aura of Necromancy necromancy; CL {{{cl}}}; Weight: Weightless lb.

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