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Ring of Capricorn: A steel ring wrapped in gorgeous red markings that twist around the face of the ring. The stone in the middle is a bright yellow Peridot that, if looked at in the light of a morning sun, can be seen to crackle very faintly with electricity. The zodiac symbol of Capricorn in encased in the bright yellow gem, with two small 'horns' of the gem digging into the gem base.

History: A powerful being of lightning, Adrammelech the Wroth was created in opposition of Deudalephon the Benevolent. Made to quell fiends that raged in the Otherworld, he gained their trust via his power, strength, and sheer image alone, that Adrammelech grew an army of the damned souls and fought against the gods that made him, ultimately ending in his defeat, and death. Angered by his betrayal, the gods sealed him away in a peridot and bound him to the gem and the ring it was set it, casting him away to the Material plane. Inside the ring, Adrammelech has slumbered for ages unknown to man, awaiting his awakening to the world anew. Much to the amazement of those who known of the lightning beast and his lore, Adrammelech has quelled his rage and seeks a form of redemption by aiding the one who has requested his power.

Activation: When used in combat by uttering a chant in Auran ('By the might of the Otherworld, I ask of thee the powers of Adrammelech. Eradicate my foes with powers of lightning divine!'), which will be told to the wearer once the ring is placed, as if the ring itself has informed the wearer, allows said wearer to summon the beast Adrammelech into combat with them. A Use Magic Device check of 30 is also required to use the ring.

While summoned, Adrammelech replaces the summoner for a number of minutes equal to the summoner's primary mental stat modifier(Int for Wizards, Cha for Sorcerers and Bards, Wis for Clerics, Paladins, Druids, and Rangers; if none, it defaults to their Cha mod) times his/her level. The summoner cannot act, move, or attack, yet cannot be damaged unless attacked by a spell or attacked by a weapon that possesses ghost touch or a similar effect or enchantment that allows a melee weapon to attack incorporeal beings. After the time limit is up, Adrammelech fades and is brought back into the ring, and the summoner resumes combat once again. If Adrammelech is slain in the time limit, he may not be summoned again for 24 hours, increasing in 24 hour intervals for every time he is slain, to a maximum of a week. A day is removed from this penalty is Adrammelech is not summoned for 24 hours.

To find Adrammelech with more ease: [[1]]

Note: THIS IS A FAN MADE ITEM! I hold no rights of the item itself, the backstory, and creature itself, all of which belong to Final Fantasy and their respective rights. I repeat: THIS IS A FAN MADE ITEM! I TAKE NO CREATIVE RIGHTS!
Moderate Conjuration; CL 19; Weight: 3

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