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Ring of Aries: A pure silver ring cloaked in a gentle cascade of bronze. A bright red ruby is inset in the gem, that seems to glow with the warmth of a gentle fire in held to the light of a setting sun. The symbols of Aries is encased in the ruby.

History: The being of fire, Belias the Gigas was created as a faithful and powerful guardian, and in opposition to Transcendent Loghrif. Thought of as a monsters from his own creators, being a creature that is half man and have monster fused at it's very essence, and thought to have be made ill for guarding the Holy Realm, Belias rebelled against the gods that created him. After his loss, Belias was scorned and banished to find a new master, which he did in the tomb of an king, to which this day he guards with his life. A being of redemption, he will leave his king to rest if he deems a new life worth his protection.

Activation: When used in combat, and chanting verse in Ignan (By the Holy Realm, I summon thee being born of man and monster. Bathe my foes in your crimson flames!), the chant which will be told to the wearer as if by magic from the ring, will allow the wearer to summon the beast Belias into combat. A Use Magic Device check of 30 is also required.

While summoned, belias replaces the summoner for a number of minutes equal to the summoner's primary mental stat modifier (Int for Wizards, Cha for Sorcerers and Bards, Wis for Clerics, Paladins, Druids, and Rangers; if none, it defaults to their Int mod) times his/her level. The summoner cannot act, move, or attack, yet cannot be damaged unless attacked by a spell or attacked by a weapon that possesses ghost touch or a similar effect or enchantment that allows a melee weapon to attack incorporeal beings. After the time limit is up, Belias fades and is brought back into the ring, and the summoner resumes combat once again. If Belias is slain in the time limit, he may not be summoned again for 24 hours, increasing in 24 hour intervals for every time he is slain, to a maximum of a week. A day is removed from this penalty is Belias is not summoned for 24 hours.

To find Belias easier: [[1]]

Note: THIS IS A FAN MADE ITEM! I hold no rights of the item itself, the back story, and creature itself, all of which belong to Final Fantasy and their respective rights. I repeat: THIS IS A FAN MADE ITEM! I TAKE NO CREATIVE RIGHTS!
Moderate Conjuration; CL 19; Weight: 3

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