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Revitalizing Soul (3.5e Feat)

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Revitalizing Soul [General][edit]

Prerequisite: Spellcasting class that uses spell points, caster level 5.
Benefit: You regain 1 spell point every other round. This is similar to the fast healing ability, and anything that would restrict fast healing from working will also restrict the benefits of this feat. If you have fast healing, your spell points recover at ½ the rate of your fast healing.
Normal: You only regain spell points after eight hours of rest.
Special: Your base spell point pool is halved upon taking this feat. If you are using the optional Vitalizing rules, you become fatigued when you are at ¼ of your maximum spell points or less, and you only become exhausted when you have used up all of your points. Upon becoming exhausted, the condition persists until you regain at least ¼ of your spell points.

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