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You died. You're sure of it. It was a time of great turmoil that took your life, but now you have come back alive and seemingly well. Perhaps you need to atone for a past sin. Perhaps you seek revenge against those responsible for your death of the calamity that caused it. Perhaps you had some great destiny unfulfilled and by the grace of the gods or through a sheer act of will you were revived. No matter the details, you are back now, restored to life. What pulled you back? How long ago did you die? Minutes before? Centuries? What changes have there been in your form, age, abilities as a result? Did you awaken in your grave or somewhere else? Were you traumatized, or were you strengthened by it compared to the "old you"? Are you counting your blessings, or cursing the fates that pulled you back into this world?

Skill Proficiencies: Any two of: Medicine, History, Intimidation, Religion and Survival

Tool Proficiencies: You are proficient with either (A) any one gaming set, though Death prefers to play Dragonchess, or (B) one musical instrument, set of artisan's tools or the herbalism kit if you used either of them in your prior life.

Languages: Any one language of your choice, which can be exotic.

Equipment: A trinket of your past (a ring, brooch, a yellowed and faded love letter, lock of a loved one's hair, etc.), a set of travelers clothes (either of an archaic design or otherwise dated in their fashion sense), the gaming set or tool with which you are proficient, a pair of gloves, and a belt pouch containing 30 gp.

Feature: Call of the Grave[edit]

Your demeanor can suggest that something unnatural happened to you. When you want to, you can exude an air that subtly hints at your formerly deceased status. When this is in effect, normal people naturally tend to avert their gaze and consciously avoid acknowledging you. While you are in groups or public places, unless they are directly affected by your conduct or they have some duty to engage with you, most people prefer to let others deal with you. This might mean they fail to report (or claim they "didn't notice") minor criminal acts you commit to the city guard, or fail to challenge you when you are in a place they know you ought not to be. Unless it affects them directly or it's their job to deal with such things, they hope someone else takes care of it.

The effect is quite opposite on clerics of deities who deal with the dead, necromancers, and sentient undead. While others are inclined to look away, the attention of those comfortable with death is immediately drawn by your close connection to the grave.

This feature need not always be in effect, and you can choose to put on a mask of seeming normalcy and let your natural charisma shine through. On a deeper level, though, perhaps this unnaturalness is the "real" you.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d8 Personality Trait
1 You've been dead already, nothing frightens you and tales of bravery don't impress you much.
2 You don't care why you received your second chance, you intend to live your new life to the fullest.
3 Whatever the circumstances of your death, you seek to make it right, either by gaining revenge on those who killed you, or making sure no one else ever suffers the same fate you did.
4 The events you survived have traumatized you and haunt your dreams.
5 You long for the world you once knew and the life you once had.
6 You love the rush of near death experiences, and thus you are constantly seeking a bigger challenge.
7 You wish you could return to your former life, but know fate has chosen something grander for you.
8 Whether through humor or otherwise, you like to play the pessimist, letting folks know that their every breath could be their last.
d6 Ideal
1 Change: Life is random, there is no reason to believe that a good man will live longer or better than one who is terrible. (Chaotic)
2 Greater Good: It is each person’s responsibility to make the most out of life. (Any neutral)
3 Survival of the Fittest: The strongest survive while the weak return to the dust. (Evil)
4 Self-Reliance: I live on because of my own grit and determination(Any)
5 Destiny: I live on because I have more good to do in this world. (Good)
6 Place in the Design : I live on because the universe has a purpose, and my role in fulfilling that purpose is not yet complete. (Lawful)
d6 Bond
1 I will never forget where I came from and who my people are. Everything I do is for them or in their name.
2 I was born in the wrong time, and now that that mistake has been fixed I swear to do right by my destiny.
3 My second life allows me to protect those who may not be so lucky as me.
4 I will stop at nothing to avenge my prior death.
5 All those I once knew are long dead, and I must prove myself through great deeds to join them in the hereafter.
6 I serve the one who revived me, my life belongs to him/her/them.
d6 Flaw
1 I pretend to be cold and aloof to people, because I fear losing them.
2 I am often analytical to the point of seeming emotionless.
3 I’m convinced of the significance of my destiny, and blind to my shortcomings and the risk of failure.
4 I often don't value people's lives as highly as I should, assuming they will be fine. After all, I was.
5 Having lost my fear of death, I never back down no matter how dangerous the situation.
6 My obsession with my past has left me blind to the present or my future.

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