Return of the Origami Cranes (4e Power)

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Return of the Origami Cranes Tsuku-Master Attack 25
You create a swirling zone filled with millions of super sharp paper cranes, and this time, you get to choose a damaging element to go along with it.
Daily Star.gif Divine, Weapon, Acid, Thunder, Fire
Standard Action Melee weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: Intelligence Vs. AC
Hit: 2[w] + Intelligence modifier damage.
Miss: Half damage.
Effect: The attack creates a zone of paper crane spirits in a burst 3 centered on the target. The zone lasts until the end of your next turn. When the target moves, the zone moves with it, staying centered on it. Choose one of the damage types from the following list: thunder, acid, or fire. Enemies who move into a zone square or begin their turn within the zone take 2d6 damage of the same type as you chose, and lose line of sight to you and all of your allies. The zone counts as difficult terrain for all creatures.
Oni-Obake: You may choose to gain a +4 bonus to your next attack roll. Noppera-Obake: After making this attack, you may choose to slide the target 3 squares in any direction.

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