Retributive Throw (3.5e Martial Artist Maneuver)

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You can throw opponents, dealing unarmed damage and extra if the attacker used Power Attack.

Retributive Throw

200 pounds or 1 ton, as long as it can be moved, it can be thrown. The greater the struggle, the quicker the fall.

Level: Reactive 2
Type: Counter
Prerequisite: 2 Reactive techniques.
Description: When you are hit by an opponent in melee combat, you make a Concentration check against the opponent's attack roll. If your check exceeds the attack roll, you can move into the opponent's square and and use your body to throw him overhead. The opponent lands prone into the same square, taking damage equal to your unarmed strike. If the opponent used Power Attack, you deal extra damage to him equal to the penalty he took on his attack roll, as well as an extra +2d6 if he was charging.

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