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The lifestyle of an adventurer was never really to your suiting. Your friends went off and fought dragons, pixie and whatever took their fancy. But not you. You found interest in the smaller details in life, why a stone has a particular mark on it? Where on earth is a certain piece of interest may it be an item or information found? You dedicated your life to the much humbler lifestyle of finding these mysteries and then answering them. You are a researcher!

So, why do you prefer this to adventuring? Do you find adventuring too dangerous, or too boring? Do you see yourself as an Indiana jones character? Also, what do you study? Why do you want to study it? Does it relate to your parents or are your simple seeking power?

Skill Proficiencies: choose two from athletics, arcana, history, investigation, perception, religion or insight.

Tool Proficiencies: any one tool that relates to your area of study e.g. if you study artifacts, tinkerers tools may be useful

Languages: Any exotic language

Equipment: You start with, a set of frayed by elegant cloths, a set of tools you are proficient with, a pouch containing 15gp, a notebook in which you can detail any information you have gained about magic items or artifacts, including potions and ingredient lists, and a common magic item imbued with a level one spell of dm’s choice but player chooses what it does would do be it healing, damaging or something else, starting with 2d4 charges and gains 1d3 each day at sunrise.

Feature: Observant[edit]

Quick to notice details of your environment, you gain the following benefits: Increase your Intelligence or Wisdom score by 1, to a maximum of 20. If you can see a creature's mouth while it is speaking a Language, you can interpret what it's saying by reading its lips if you speak its language or if you pass a perception check ~(dm sets dc). You can add double your proficiency bonus to any non-combat rolls that involve the skills you choose for this background. However, to receive this, every time you go somewhere new you must spend some time searching for an item or knowdedge that relates to your study, or you lose your benefits till you do.

Alternate Feature: Knowledgeable[edit]

Your considerable knowledge has gained you some prestige in certain circles. While in towns or cities, you may spend your time offereing up your services to locals in return for payment of your choice. However, if you tell a lie or are stumped by a question(DM's choice) your character will not be able to do this till they have managed to find out the actual answer.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

Every researcher has their own reasons for hunting for information, they are not all just nerds who cannot beat people in a fair fight, though many are.

d8 Personality Trait
1 Dedicated- their research is important and must come first
2 Secretive- The secrets of the past must be kept secret and protected to prevent it being misused in the present.
3 Stubborn- I don’t care if we are in the middle of a battle, this piece of dirt has an interesting symbol I must investigate.
4 Isolated- No one really understands me or my research, it’s a lonely journey.
5 Enthusiastic- This is so interesting, I must look further and find out more.
6 Inquisitive- Ooh, what does that rock do “Trap activates”. How fascinating!
7 Arrogant- Yeah I know everything there is to know. It's cute that you think you know more.
8 Insistent-I'm telling you, the dragon must have caught the rune in it’s mouth.
d6 Ideal
1 Selfless. I want to find out everything I can to be able to benefit the world. (Good)
2 Selfish. These things have power, and it must be mine. (Evil)
3 Thoughtful. I want to learn the history of this place, and that rock. (Any)
4 destructive. I wonder how much destruction this caused. (Chaotic)
5 collector. I must document it all then give it to the government (Lawful)
6 seller. How much money can I make off these items? (Neutral)
d6 Bond
1 I trust those who respect my work and see the value in it.
2 Only those who can match my intelligence and wisdom are worthy of my respect.
3 I don’t like the monsters that much so anyone who will protect me is good.
4 Everyone has something amazing and intelligent to contribute to my work.
5 Boring, you all act like fools. Why did I get lumbered with you?
6 I’m scared of most people around me. Help!
d6 Flaw
1 My research must come first and so if anyone stops me I will hurt them.
2 Oooh this is interesting! What’s that, there’s a battle happening?
3 Did I just insult you ?
4 Why do you care so much about your armour and money when there is ancient dirt nearby?
5 Well, it may be broken, but I think I learned enough in breaking it to fix it.
6 I know you said not to touch bit but it’s a red button, what do you expect me to do ?

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