Rellgah War (3.5e Tradition)

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Rellgah War
Element: Any
Prerequisites: Shapeflayer
Attack Die: d10
1st Kata: All elementric attacks are Impact Cleave attacks
2nd Kata: Damage die are d12 for undead in hand-to-hand combat
3rd Kata: Using elementrics against undead uses only half as much Endurance
4th Kata: Damage die are d20 for undead in hand-to-hand combat
5th Kata: Use element to ride in and out of combat, no attacks of opportunity, attack anyone within 20'
6th Kata: Damage die are 2d12 for undead in hand-to-hand combat
7th Kata: Killing any sentient undead gives the Shapeflayer a spiritual uplift, granting 7 Endurance
8th Kata: May bless any piece of their element, making it an Impact Cleave magic item +3 against undead for 24 hours
9th Kata: Damage die are 2d20 for undead in hand-to-hand combat
10th Kata: Can create a Claine elemental: Air=Raven, Water=Catfish, Fire=Owl, Earth=Vole, which uses 7 Endurance

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