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The Relinqui were created by Ephos in an attempt to create an army that could travel into the Empire of Man. They modified humans to be more resistant to all forms of magic, then imprisoned them in a mountain range, the exits to which had been blocked with illusionary magic. To make the Relinqui more of a warlike culture, they imprisoned large amounts of prisoners, who were promised release if they could defeat the Relinqui. In the beginning, the Relinqui had fought and prospered, and many had even began seeing through the barriers barring the exits, though any who had gone to investigate were quickly spotted and apprehended by Ephos' tight patrols, where they were then forced to join Ephos' army. Over time, however, the number of Relinqui who could see through the barrier dwindled, and so, too, did the Ephos patrols over the area as a result. The Relinqui who have yet to escape are unaware of the fact that they are imprisoned, and know nothing of life outside of their home.

Due to their alterations in being resistant to magic, their affinity to magic itself seems to have lessened as well. Those who can see through barriers to escape are more likely to have the potential to use magic, though not all are aware of that, nor do they tend to spend time learning magic when they've already fought their whole life with weapons. In the rare cases where one could use magic, it was quickly taken out of the prison by Ephos. It is unknown what becomes of them.


Due to Ephos' forced conditioning, most Relinqui are either savage and warlike or shunned. Most of the Relinqui who have escaped their imprisonment are a bit more open-minded, while others may still react with violence to any opposition.

Physical Description[edit]

Due to being altered from humans, the Relinqui look mostly human, though their eyes and hair can be colors which would usually be unnatural. Most Relinqui are slightly larger than a human, though they have been known to grow up to twice the size of even large adult men. To see a Relinqui who is not in nearly perfect physical condition would be similar to seeing a dwarf without a beard.


The Relinqui as a whole dislike any race that they've considered weak, which is effectively every race they've been introduced to while under imprisonment, though Relinqui that don't jump directly to hatred for another race tend to at least hide their contempt, were there any.


The Relinqui under imprisonment know no alliance but to their own race, although they've also been known to fight amongst themselves. As a result, some are chaotic, though the largest Relinqui settlement adheres to a strict set of honor codes and laws, and as such, most are Lawful Neutral.


The Relinqui only have the area in which they've been imprisoned to call home. Those who have escaped that have done particularly well reside in Ephos as soldiers. Few have escaped to see the world outside of Ephos other than during war or other skirmishes.


The Relinqui have no formal religion, though their code of honor and laws are followed as fervently as others may follow holy scripture.


The Relinqui speak only Common and Hume.

Racial Traits[edit]

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