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Mobian Legends and Religions[edit]


Chaos is an ancient primordial god, whose body is made entirely of water. Once the Guardian of the Chaos emeralds, Chaos was sealed away after going on a rampage when a tribe of Echidna attempted to wipe out Chaos's children in an attempt to steal the Chaos Emeralds. Chaos has the ability to absorb the power of the Chaos emeralds, becoming stronger with each emerald he absorbs. It is said that if Chaos were to obtain all seven emeralds, then his wrath would bring floods of destruction on a global scale.

The 7 Chaos Emeralds[edit]

"The Servers are the 7 Chaos. Chaos is power, power is enriched by the heart. The controller serves to unify the Chaos." -Tikal

Many legends speak of the 7 miracle gems known as the Chaos Emeralds. The gems have the power to transform your thoughts into power, thus making them a potentially limitless source of energy. Each chaos emerald's power is amplified when more than one of them are used together. 5 Chaos Emeralds could destroy a large city, and all seven could destroy an entire planet, and even continue that destruction to the stars. It is said than an ancient tribe once tried to start an entire war over these gems, only to be wiped out by an angry god.

Note: It is possible to make Fake Chaos Emeralds. It's just not the ideal thing to do as you could end up corrupting yourself doing so.


There are 2 Gaia's. Light Gaia and Dark Gaia. Each Gaia serves a specific purpose in the natural order. And endless cycle between each Gaia exist to this day. Both slumber until which time they awaken and begin their battle all over again. Both have existed since the beginning of time itself, both are the two entities that are responsible of the cycle of destruction and rebirth of the world. While their exact origins are unclear, some say they manifest from the light and darkness of the planet itself. While both are opposites, each are necessary for a balance within the world and Nature.

Dark Gaia[edit]

Dark Gaia is a primordial god, and the incarnation of Darkness and destruction. He is overflowing with Hyper Energy, and is responsible for the destruction involved of the natural cycle of the world. When the two Gaia's awaken, Dark Gaia breaks the entire planet to pieces, thus starting the battle between himself and Light Gaia. The role of Dark Gaia is to slumber in the core of the planet, until his strength is fully restored and then break the planet before attempting to destroy it. Then upon his defeat at the hands of Light Gaia, he would return to slumber for thousands of years. Thus the cycle of life and death continues.

Light Gaia[edit]

Light Gaia is a primordial god, and the incarnation of light and creation. Light Gaia takes the appearance of a small furry creature, and is responsible for the creation involved in the natural cycle of the world. When the two Gaia's awaken, Light Gaia will come to fight Dark Gaia after the planet is broken apart. Light Gaia would then defeat Dark Gaia, thus forcing Dark Gaia to return to slumber. Light Gaia would then piece the planet back together. Light Gaia will then return to sleep himself until his strength is restored for the next time he must Fight Dark Gaia. Thus the cycle of life and death continues.


Solaris is the sun god of Soleanna capable of devouring the fabric of time itself, Solaris is debatabily the most powerful single entity ever seen on Mobius. Solaris (like the Master Emerald) is a "transcendental" phenomenon, existing simultaneously throughout all regions of time. Though it was first encountered by Solaris accidentally spliting into two component entities: Iblis, a semi-sentient fire being, and Mephiles, a malevolent and scheming black fog. Though it might not even exist by Elise choosing to blow out the tiny flame that was Solaris after being sent back in time by it's defeat wiping Solaris from existence.

To this day some people still Worship Solaris praying it returns once more which is highly unlikely.


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