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The Incarnates[edit]

All Incarnates have both ascending and descending aspects; their listed alignment is merely their most dominant morality. They have no inherent gender, being sentient planes (or lack thereof), and are usually referred to as whatever gender the speaker prefers.

-Kouryuu, the Center, is the Void Incarnate and True Neutral. It has no inherent color, but is associated primarily with gold and sometimes silver.

The Elementals:

Genbu, Ebon Tortoise of the North, is the Water Incarnate and Neutral Good.
Seiryuu, Azure Dragon of the East, is the Air Incarnate and Chaotic Good.
Suzaku, Vermilion Bird of the South, is the Fire Incarnate and Lawful Good.
Byakko, Ivory Tiger of the West, is the Earth Incarnate and Lawful Good.

The Paraelementals:

Setsuna, Green Wolf of the Northeast, is the Rain Incarnate and Chaotic Evil.
Tensatsu, Yellow Monkey of the Southeast, is the Sun Incarnate and Lawful Evil.
Orochi, Orange Serpent of the Southwest, is the Ash Incarnate and Neutral Evil.
Tetshira, Grey Crocodile of the Northwest, is the Silt Incarnate and Chaotic Evil.

The Paraelementals are eternally attempting to usurp the Elementals' positions and upset the heirarchy of existence; though their dominant natures are evil, the dual natures of all Incarnates mean even they enjoy open veneration among mortals.

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