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CR 15

Female human entropy champion 15
LE Medium humanoid (human)
Init/Senses +2/Listen +4, Spot +4
Languages Common, Abyssal, Infernal
AC 23, touch 20, flat-footed 21; +1 armor per invested essentia
(+2 Dex, +4 Int, +3 natural, +4 deflection)
hp 107 (15 HD)
Fort/Ref/Will +14/+10/+9
Speed 30 ft. (6 squares) (+10 ft./invested essentia), fly (10 ft./invested essentia) (good)
Melee unarmed strike +20/+15/+10 (2d6+5)
Ranged entropic ray +17/+15 (1d10 per invested essentia)
Base Atk/Grp +15/+16
Atk Options entropic blow 7/day, Stunning Fist 20/day, entropic strike, entropic aura, Fiery Fist, Ki Blast
Special Actions incarnum overcharge, understand weakness
Combat Gear 3x potion of inflict moderate wounds
Abilities Str 10, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 18, Wis 13, Cha 8
SQ undead aura, insightful grace, protect sheath, entropic celerity, destruction embraced, destructive expertise, weightless soul
Feats Stunning Fist, Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, Sapphire Smite, Fiery Fist, Ki Blast, Extra Stunning
Skills Disable Device +28, Jump +18, Knowledge (arcana) +21, Knowledge (architecture and engineering) +28, Knowledge (the planes) +21, Tumble +20
Possessions combat gear plus amulet of natural armor +3, clear ioun stone, headband of intellect +2, ring of protection +4
Undead Aura (Ex) Reinforce radiates negative energy. She is registered by the detect undead spell as a 15 HD undead.
Entropic Blow (Su) Seven times per day, Reinforce can attempt to destroy an enemy with a melee attack. She adds +3 to her attack roll and +18 to her damage roll. This attack ignores hardness and damage reduction possessed by constructs or undead.
Insightful Grace (Su) Reinforce adds her Intelligence modifier as a bonus on her saving throws. This change is already reflected in the stats above.
Entropic Strike (Su) Reinforce can channel entropic force into offensive might. She gains an enhancement bonus to her unarmed strikes equal to the sum of her Intelligence modifier and the number of points of essentia invested in this ability. She can trade points of enhancement bonus for special abilities, chosen when she starts the day. The total bonus can never rise above half her character level (rounded down).
Protect Sheath (Su) Reinforce can distill entropic energy into a protective field around her body, which takes the form of an off-white robe. This energy provides an armor bonus to her AC equal to the number of points of essentia she invests in this ability.
Entropic Celerity (Su) Reinforce can increase her base land speed by 10 feet per point of essentia invested in this ability.
Destruction Embraced (Su) Reinforce gains strength as she takes damage. When she has taken at least 30 points of damage, she gains a +1 luck bonus on attack rolls, damage rolls, and saving throws. This bonus increases by +1 for every 10 points of damage she takes beyond this point, to a maximum of +4. When she is below half of her maximum hit points, she gains damage reduction 15/magic. This ability remains in effect as long as she has taken the minimum damage required for it to apply.
Incarnum Overcharge (Su) As a free action, Reinforce can inflict up to 4 points of damage (which is never affected by damage reduction) to herself to gain that much temporary essentia for 1 round. This essentia can immediately be invested in any receptacle, even if it would exceed the essentia cap of that receptacle. The first time this is done during a day requires no action, but each additional use requires a Will save (DC 15 + number of uses in last 24 hours).
Destructive Expertise (Ex) Reinforce adds half of her class level as a bonus on Disable Device and Knowledge (architecture and engineering) checks made to disable traps or other objects. This change is already reflected in the stats above.
Understand Weakness (Ex) As a full-round action, Reinforce can study the weaknesses and immunities of a given object. After one round of this, she knows the object's defensive strength. After the second round, she knows of damage reduction, hardness, energy resistance, or immunities. After the third round, she knows the exact levels of each of these defenses.
Weightless Soul (Su) Reinforce can fly by using her essentia to sever the bonds of gravity. She gains a fly speed of 10 feet per point of essentia invested in this ability, with good maneuverability.
Entropic Aura (Su) Reinforce's presence has the potential to stimulate entropy. When she starts her turn, every creature adjacent to her takes 1d6 points of damage per point of essentia invested in this ability. In addition, if she has essentia invested in this ability, Reinforce seems to slip out of reality, thwarting blindsight and blindsense. Creatures with blindsight are aware of her as though they had blindsense, and creatures with blindsense must make Listen or Spot checks to become aware of her.

Reinforce's ability scores were created using the elite array, arranged as follows: Str 10, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 15, Wis 13, Cha 8.

Strategy and Tactics[edit]

Reinforce is an intelligent combatant, making full use of her movement to put herself in prime positions for ranged attacks. She keeps 3 points of essentia invested in her Sapphire Smite feat at all times, giving her 3 extra uses of her entropic blow ability and an extra three points of damage when using it. These changes are already accounted for in the statistics above. This leaves her with 10 points of essentia to be placed elsewhere.

For the most part, Reinforce will attempt to keep 3 points of essentia in her entropic ray, weightless soul, and entropic aura class features. She prefers to attack with her entropic ray, which deals 3d10 points of damage, but won't hesitate to use her Ki Blast feat on incorporeal foes. If pressed into melee, she attacks with a combination of entropic blow and stunning fist to cover her flying retreat, though she relies on her entropic aura to dissuade foes from closing to melee. She generally keeps her last point of essentia invested in her entropic strike ability, opting for a +5 enhancement bonus on attack and damage rolls. This change is already factored into the statistics above.

Reinforce prefers to attack humanoid foes above all others, to the point where she will move to a new position just to attack one she's seen instead of attacking a different sort of enemy she already sees. For the sake of maximizing damage output, she won't hesitate to down at least one potion of inflict moderate wounds in the first round of battle, in addition to making liberal use of her incarnum overcharge ability to gain 4 points of temporary essentia, which she places into her entropic ray.

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