Rein of the Necromancer (3.5e Encounter)

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Reign of the Necromancer[edit]

Intended for four level Using "3.5e Adventurer Level" as property chain is not permitted during the annotation process. adventurers.

The Necromancer has captured the heroes from destroying his Rein. Will they escape alive?

  • Prep Time 30 Minutes to 1 Hr.
  • Play Time 1-2 Hours

Quest Introduction[edit]

The Necromancer has conquered most of the world. Heroes grouped up to fight him, but many have been killed. This group of heroes were almost successive, but the Necromancer had banished them to his dungeon. Now they must escape the tower and kill the Necromancer.




There are many guards in the dungeon, some no stronger than a rat, some more powerful than a Red Dragon. Try to kill the Necromancer at your own risk.




  • The Necromancer


  • The Necromancer's Crown
  • Nightfall Dagger

Stage One: Ambush[edit]

The Players are around the Necromancer's Tower. Around them heroes were fighting the undead. The party ventures into the tower. There is a door. (If the Players enter the door) You see another door, and there is a Statue beside it of a golem. (If the Players enter the door) You turn the brass handle, but before the door opens, the golem comes alive and attacks the party.

  • Golem: Lvl 5: Hp: 100/10 Gold.

(If the party defeats the Golem) You continue your attempt to open the door. The door creeks open, and there is a treasure chest. (If the party opens it) There is a dagger laying there with a moon carved inside the handle. The party slowly picks up the dagger, and put it in a backpack. You look around and see a stairway. (If the party ventures on) The door infront of you is black. The handle is old and rusty. You immediately realize that it's the door to the Necromancer. (If the party opens the door) The Necromancer is standing there. He has his hood up. He turns around. "I've expected you" he said, "But now you will die like your other hero friends." The Necromancer waves his hands, and Zombies summon from the Shadow Plane.

  • Zombie: Lvl 3: Hp: 50 (Each)/Treasure: 3 Gold each.

(If the players defeat the Zombies) "A challenge? Those were my weakest minions. Face this!" The Necromancer waves his hands once again, and a Horned Demon summons infront of you.

  • Horned Demon: Lvl 10: Hp: 300

(If the Players defeat the Horned Demon) "Ah.Now you are a challenge indeed." The Necromancer shoots a Blue Gas at you, and you seemingly fall to the ground.

Stage Two: Prison Break.[edit]

The Party awakes. You are all in a prison cell. There is a locked wooden door infront of you. A small chair is on the ground. (If the Players pick up the chair) The chair is light. You throw it at the door, and the door cracks a little, and the chair falls to the ground. (If the Players repeat) The door finally shatters. You run out to the door. (If the Players open the door) A Skeleton looks at you, and runs at you.

  • Skeleton: Lvl 7: Hp: 90

(If the Skeleton is defeated.) The Skeleton falls to the ground, and fades away. You look around, and see Marble Statues guarding a door. (If the players open the door.) The Statues come alive, and charge at you.

  • Statue: Lvl 12:Hp:120(Each)

(If the Statues are defeated) The door magically opens for you. The party walks in. The room is empty except for a Treasure Chest. (If the Player opens it) The Treasure Chest sucks the party inside. You fall out the bottom, and you're in another part of the dungeon.

Stage Three: Nightfalls[edit]

There is a window, and the sun has set outside. The dagger glows purple, and flies back. You walk down the hallway, and you trigger a trap! Acid falls from the ceiling! You see a door, but the Acid is moving fast! (If the players run to the door) The door opens, and the party runs inside. There is three Werewolves!

  • Werewolf: Lvl 10: Hp:100(Each)
  • Werewolf Leader: Lvl 15: Hp:300

(After the Werewolves are defeated.) The Dagger flies forward and spins mid-air. The party flies around it, and teleport!

Stage Four: Final Battle[edit]

The Party teleports into the Necromancer's Thrown Room. "I see you escaped. No matter. You can't defeat me!" The Necromancer summoned three Golems.

  • Golem: Lvl 5: Hp: 100 (Each)

(If the Golems are defeated) "You, are strong. Can you defeat me?" Necromancer: Lvl 15: Hp:200 (If the Necromancer is defeated) "No matter. You can't kill me now!" The Necromancer flew up into the air, and shape shifted into a Demon!

  • Demon: Lvl 20: Hp:450

(If the Demon is killed) "NO!" The Demon faded away. The Undead also faded away. You finished the Necromancer's Rein!

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