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A fire crossed by two fullblades.

Domains: War, Strength, Knowledge
Warpriest Domain: Corellon

Refesk was a soldier in the Eberron war. He lost an eye due to not following orders when performing an assassination mission. He demands strict obedience to his commands, but is kind. He is the God of Tactics, the Unstoppable God. Tactical fighters, paladins, monks, and warlords are among his worshipers. Refesk temples are most common in cities where wars or battles are frequent. The Temples dedicated to Refesk are actually small fortified castles. His commandments are:

  • Use tactics to solve your fights.
  • Be strong. This will help you.
  • Follow your commanding comrade's orders.
  • Don't be afraid.

Refesk is an ally to Kord. Together in a battle, they can defeat overwhelming odds.

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