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Red Herb (The Burnless Shrub)[edit]

Habitat: The Burnless shrub tends to grow in and around volcanoes, where it finds little competition and grows explosively in the periods between eruptions. It grows in niches in rocks, as close to heat as it can venture, as heat causes the plants to grow faster. Burnless Shrubs can perform chemosynthesis, allowing them to live without light, as long as there is heat.

Properties: The Burnless shrub has two distinct sets of properties, depending on the temperature of the plant. Both forms are poisonous

  • Cold Shrub: The cold (0-800f) form of the shrub has an extract which can be used, after alchemitcal treatment, as a flame retardant.
A potion made of this extract can prevent 30 points of heat damage, or allow the drinker to ignore flame completely, depending on the process used to make the potion. Please note: You may be immune to flames and heat, but your equipment is most decidedly NOT.
  • Hot Shrub: If Burnless shrubs become much hotter than 800f, they undergo a chemical alteration. Once the plant has been cooled, the flame retardent qualities are replaced by explosive flammability. The extract of a Hot shrub has a flash point of just 200f, and will explode violently when heated to this point.

A potion made of this extract can deal 3d6 damage over a radius of 7', or allow the drinker to breathe fire (This potion gives the drinker major, extreme heartburn).

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