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Red Dust[edit]

Red Dust is the result of the much more potent Red Cloud disease, a magical sickness created by a curse. After the air settles when filled with Red Cloud, Red Dust is left coting everything. It has all the consistency of normal dust and a disturbing blood red color. On contact, a Fortitude save is required or catch Red Dust Disease. Type: Contact DC 10
Incubation Time: 1d3 days
Ability Damage: 1 Con per day and -1 to all attack rolls, saves, and skill checks from the growing pain. The effect is cumulative.

Effect: The Red Dust pales in comparison to Red Cloud. It is easy to save against but in infected places, it is often everywhere and if proper handling is not assumed, repeated contact could get you infected. Your body begins growing sore, then wracked with pain as you wither, grow dry and sickly, and your skin turns red. When you drop to 8 Con or below, the disease accelerates, and you must save once every hour instead of once every day. When you die your body is a shriveled red corpse which is packed with Red Dust. If disturbed the corpse spews a cloud of Red Dust into the air in a 20 ft. radius burst. Red Dust is also flammable if floating in the air. While infected, damage cannot be restored by any means short of limited wish, wish, or miracle. Or course it is easier just to cure the disease instead.
Curing: Without magic, a successful save stops the damage for the day (or hour) but does not cure it. 3 successful saves in a row purges you of the damage done.

Price: 100 gp

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