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Rebuild Item
4th-level Truespeak
Casting time: 10 minutes or 1 minute in reverse
Range: 5 feet
Components: V
Duration: See Utterance description.

You may rebuild an item that was destroyed, or destroy a perfectly good item. When you speak this stream of Utterances you consult with the universe and weave the story of the item back into its Truename and restore the item to a pristine condition with all of its original magical properties. For instance if a Rod of Fireballs shattered due to using its last charge you could restore it to its former glory. If it was a simple sword forged by a mediocre blacksmith, it goes back to its original shoddy form.

You may speak this Utterence in reverse to destroy an item within 5 feet of you by unwriting its story and shattering the item into useless pieces. If this item is currently being wielded by a creature they may make an opposing CHA save to prevent this effect.

As a note this Utterance does not affect artifacts in reverse and may only restore an artifact that was destroyed within 1 round. Additionally, if the item can grant wishes or miracles the charges are not restored.

At Higher Levels. When spoken in reverse at a level higher than 4th, the range of the Utterance increases by 5 feet for each level, and the casting time goes to 1 action.

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