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The Ravenwood is an ancient forest of Aerinthia once connected to Aerindor, but many millenia ago a great fire burned a path between the woods creating what is now known as the Meadowlands. While the forests of Aerindor are nurtured by the elves that live there, the Ravenwood has grown wilder with each century. Now few enter the woods. Some speak of it being haunted. The elves say that the forest still mourns the loss of so many trees during the great fire. Woodsmen from the Meadowlands who have braved the edges of the woods looking for fallen branches have remained unharmed, but rumors persist of overzealous woodmen who harmed the living trees being dragged off into the darkness beneath the canopy. Along the border with the Shieldlands dwarves who have trespassed within the woods have been discovered laying on the ground just outside of the forests, their bodies riddled with black fletched arrows. It is unknown if any one being rules the Ravenwood, but more than likely the mystic forest rules itself.

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