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Rasvilt, The Defender: A heavy elven greatsword made from an unknown black metal.

Rasvilt, The Defender

When the Armor of Calisnor fell into the hands of the demons the surviving four artisans decided they needed to act swiftly. In the wrong hands the suit could be devastating and the havoc it could wreck if left unchecked was monumental. Gathering to themselves quickly everything they could they arranged to design and create another artifact to allow Calinor Vimasira to enter the demonic planes and recover the armor. With fore thought they also designed it to compliment and resonate with the armor, granting Calisnor the ability to quickly reclaim the armor if such an undertaking was even possible.

The day that Calisnor departed to the demon realms he took Rasvilt, his own armor and travel rations. Rasvilt appeared with the Armor of Calisnor five decades after Calisnor departed.

Rasvilt, The Defender

Rasvilt is a sword designed with two thoughts in mind: inflicting horrific damage on enemies (primarily demons) and protecting the user at all costs. It is also designed to summon the user to the Armor of Calisnor if they reside upon the same plane of existence.

Rasvilt is a +10 Elven Void-Metal greatsword enchanted with acidic blast axiomatic power defending Dread (Elementals, Outsiders-Chaotic, Outsiders-Evil, Outsiders-Fire, Undead) fiery blast ghost touch holy power icy blast keen lightning blast mighty cleaving sonic blast speed vorpal. The void-metal enhancement allows Rasvilt to bypass all damage reduction types whenever it strikes an enemy, and the weapon counts as negating regeneration on any foe that it touches. Futher the weapon can be used one handed without penalty; as a greatsword made from void-metal with the keen enhancement the weapon inflicts 6d6 12-20x5 damage. Whenever the weilder uses the defender property instead of the standard one point conversion from attack bonus to defense bonus the blade transfers one point into four defensive points.

When Rasvilt is on the same plane as pieces of the Armor of Calisnor it may summon the weilder to the armor pieces once a day. If the armor is split up it will summon the weilder to a specific piece of choice. When the weilder of Rasvilt dons the Armor of Calisnor the individual is blessed with extreme alacrity. All attacks in a given combat round are doubled, all attacks are made at full base attack bonus and all strikes benefit as if imbued with the true strike spell.
Extreme All schools; CL 30; Weight: 10 lb.

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