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It's very simple, roll a d66 twice to get your nickname

Table: Random Nick Names
d66 First part Second part
11 Smelly Adam
12 Dumb Geoff
13 Clumsy Gil
14 Butcher Henry
15 Creepy Hugh
16 Smiley John
21 Friendly Nick
22 Big Pete
23 Skull Ralf
24 Dead-Shot Rich
25 Strong-Arm Rob / Bob
26 Careful Roger
31 Tall Simon
32 Short Tom
33 Fat Walt
34 Skinny Will / Bill
35 Happy Agnes
36 Sad Alice
41 Two-Finger Emma
42 Kid Bella
43 Slappy Joan
44 Babe Marge
45 Dude July
46 Stabby Avice
51 Smooth Tilly
52 Hammer Cat
53 Boss Dog
54 Cousin Bird
55 Mama / Papa Dragon
56 Greasy Thumbs
61 King / Queen Legs
62 Brick Bear
63 Uncle / Auntie Meat
64 Sleepy Rabbit
65 Silk Lord / Lady
66 Crazy Butt

Put your nick-name here:

  1. Careful Dragon...funny because I play a half-dragon.
  2. Emo Squid...because I had a player that played an emo Ithilid
  3. Creepy carl... I guess my character is a crazy necromancer...
  4. Farty (or party) Marty, depending on whether my fighter Marted was being an asshole or a hero at the time.

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